Middlesex Water

Full Service Municipal Contract Operations and Maintenance

Middlesex Water and its family of companies have experience working with municipalities, government entities and community residential developments on a broad range of water and wastewater management needs. We work with municipalities to manage and upgrade aging drinking water infrastructure and comply with environmental regulations, help system owners remediate failing wastewater systems and assist developers in maximizing land usage when siting essential water and wastewater treatment facilities.

We can provide a wide range of services ranging from consulting, contract operations, community irrigation, customer billing, maintenance, bulk supply to direct acquisition and business partnerships.  We also provide ala carte municipal and commercial services to meet our client's specific needs.  In the town of Ocean View, DE we developed a practical solution by providing system operations and all billing, meter reading and water service maintenance functions.  The Town of Frankfort, DE relies on our expertise to operate their water plant, perform hydrant repairs and generator maintenance.  In 2005, we began operating an industrial wastewater plant in Delaware City, DE for a major oil refinery and continue to provide day-to-day operation of this critical industrial facility.

Partnering for Today and Tomorrow

For several years, the residents of a residential community in DE, the Woods on Herring Creek, had been burdened with a failed community septic system that allowed sewage to pool on top of the ground in the their residential community. Sussex County took the system over after it had established a County sewer district in the area. Located in the environmentally sensitive Inland Bays Watershed, this aged system only marginally removed certain pollutants including harmful nitrates that could make their way into local area residents' drinking water.

Nearby was a wastewater treatment facility, owned by Tidewater Utilities. It was built to serve the newer community of Bay Front, but was not being fully utilized pending further build-out of the Bay Front community. Partnering with Tidewater, Sussex County selected Tidewater to provide temporary treatment and disposal services at the Bay Front plant for a period of 24-36 months, while the County designs and installs the necessary infrastructure to serve this area. The County was able to install a short force main just a few hundred feet away and discharge into the Bay Front system, thus saving the County monies for pumping and hauling wastewater by truck while their system was being designed.

The Bay Front Facility is a highly-advanced membrane bioreactor which cleans the wastewater to the highest standard technically feasible. The clear effluent discharged from the plant will meet nitrate limits that are less than half of that required by Delaware's drinking water standards. This approach yields long-term environmental benefits because water discharged into sand rapid infiltration basins also serves to recharge ground water aquifers thus preventing salt water intrusion into area wells. This arrangement was a perfect example of win-win-win solution benefitting County government, local area residents and the environment.