Main Extension & Main Relocation: New Service Without Existing Water Main

The following is a guideline to help Developers file an application for water main extensions with Middlesex Water Company (MWC). Acquiring water service by main extension is a process with a number of steps, each requiring a certain amount of time. Collaborating with Middlesex Water early in the project can help reduce impacts to the project schedule.

Step #1 Submit Plans to the Local Fire Department.

Developer submits one copy of plan to Fire Department for hydrant plotting. The local Fire Department has the final say on whether or not the proposed development will require fire hydrants.

Step #2 Determine if a Permit is required.

Based on the scope of the project, the Developer may need a permit from the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP)/Bureau of Well Systems and Well Permits. The developer or their Engineer must work with MWC to prepare and submit the permit application. All NJDEP permits for water main construction must be submitted by MWC. The application process can proceed without a permit, but construction cannot begin until all required permits are in place. MWC is currently under a Master Permit.

Step #3 Apply with Middlesex Water Company.

Schedule a meeting or send a letter of request along with two (2) full-size copies of the development plan and a CD (in AutoCAD format) of the plan to:

Senior Project Engineer
Middlesex Water Company
1500 Ronson Road
Iselin, New Jersey 08830

When making application, include the exact legal name and address of the entity to be on the agreements, contact information for the Developers project manager and a brief description of the project and anticipated water demands. Details of water service will also be determined. NOTE: MWC does not provide individual meters for multiple unit dwellings, rather such facilities are provided with a master meter. Metering details are provided in our Metering Standards

Step #4 Construction Commences

Prior to construction, MWC secured the needed road opening permits. When the site is prepared (including curbing and other improvements that set the grade for the site), the construction of the facilities can begin. Upon completion of the project, the final project costs will be trued up. Any extra costs will be invoiced to the Developer and any deposit received over the construction amount will be refunded. After an eligible project is placed in service, the refund amount will be determined by the “Refund Formula” as described in the agreement. Main Relocations are not subject to refunds.

Main Extension & Main Relocation Process Description Timeline

  • Developer delivers Application packet to Middlesex Water Company (MWC).
  • Service line details such as location, diameter and metering are agreed upon.
  • MWC develops construction plans for the work in accordance with our standards (3 to 6 weeks depending on score and work load).
  • The final design sent out to bid to our pre-approved contractors. Only pre-qualified contractors may install facilities on the MWC system.
  • Approximately two to three (2-3) weeks after the job is sent out for bids, depending on scope, the bids are returned and evaluated
  • The project cost is sent to the Developer for deposit along with the Main Extension or Main Relocation agreement. The deposit must be paid in the full amount prior to scheduling of any construction work.
  • Any easements necessary are secured along with the executed Main Extension or Main Relocation Agreement.
  • Upon receipt of the executed Main Extension Agreement, any necessary easements or permits, the construction work is scheduled. Actual start of work is dependent on contractor availability and is typically 3 to 6 weeks AFTER the deposit is received.