TUI New Business Application Process

STEP #1 Customer Completes the Pre-application Request Form

To start new water service at your property, you must first complete the pre-application water service form. It is important to note that all information on the form must be provided in order to receive a water service application. At minimum, you will need to know:

  • Property service address/mailing address
  • Lot number supplied by the County
  • Desired meter size*

Email the completed pre-application form to TUI New Applications at [email protected].

* Choice of meter size is dependent upon the flow demand of your residence/business. Consult a licensed plumber to determine what size meter will adequately supply water for your home/business. Tidewater Utilities, Inc. is unable to provide any guidance regarding proper meter size for your installation. For reference, the flow rates of the meters we provide are below. If your plumber requires further details regarding performance of the meter, please contact us at [email protected].

Meter Size Gallons Per Minute (GPM) Maximum Continuous Flow
5/8” 1-20
1” 3-50
1.5” 1.25-200 160 GPM
2” 1.5-250 200 GPM
3” 1-500 400 GPM
4” 1.5-1,000 800 GPM
6” 3-2,000 1,600 GPM
8” 4-2,700 2,700 GPM
10” 5-4,000 4,000 GPM

STEP #2 Tidewater Reviews and Processes the Request Form

Once received, Tidewater Utilities, Inc. will review the details of the request and confirm service is available to the service address. A customer service professional will contact you to let you know the status of service availability. If service is available, you will be provided with a water service agreement (the final Application).

STEP #3 Customer Receives Water Service Application

After confirming that water service is available through Tidewater Utilities at the requested service address, you will receive a completed water service application which you will need to sign and return, along with the indicated payment to:

Attn: Tidewater New Service Applications
Tidewater Utilities, Inc.
485C Route 1 South
Iselin, NJ 08830

STEP #4 Tidewater Taps the Main and Installs the Meter Pit

Once Tidewater has received your signed water service agreement with payment, a work order is generated for Tidewater to tap the main and install the meter pit. The meter pit houses the meter itself and protects the meter from the elements. Depending on backlog, this can take 6-8 weeks.

If you have a well on your property, please see the below section on wells.

STEP #5 Customer Installs the Private Portion of the Service Line

The water service line is privately owned by you and Tidewater allows connections, via water main taps, to our water distribution mains to provide water to your home/business after it passes through the water meter. The customer or property owner is responsible for coordinating and installing the service line by a licensed plumber from the structure to the water meter pit. Once Tidewater has installed the meter, you can have your plumber make the connection from your service line to the meter.


For customers who are abandoning their current well, Tidewater must receive written certification from a licensed plumber, on company letterhead, that the well has been disconnected from your potable water line. This letter must include the signature of the licensed plumber and either faxed to 302-734-9296 or emailed to [email protected]. When the letter is received, Tidewater will begin the process of tapping the main and installing the meter pit and meter.

If the letter from the plumber certifying that the well has been disconnected is not received immediately and the need for service is an emergency, Tidewater may begin the installation of the meter pit and meter, but will secure the meter by locking it until the certification letter is received. Once the certification is received, Tidewater will remove the lock and turn on the meter. Tidewater will attempt to coordinate this activation of the meter with you so that you can arrange for a licensed plumber to be present.