As a leading provider of life-sustaining utility services, we strive to operate in a responsible manner and focus on impacts of our operations on the environment. Operating responsibly means making prudent and timely investments to ensure the sustainability of our infrastructure.

We are committed to high standards of excellence in the delivery of water and wastewater services, to serving as a trusted resource to our customers and local governments, to building stronger communities and to providing a solid framework that drives economic stability, prosperity and quality of life. We set forth this policy which frames the foundation of our commitment to environmental stewardship.

Recent Environmental Stewardship Highlights
  • Completed a leak survey for 300 miles of water main using advanced leak detection technology to minimize loss of valuable water resources (6)
  • Water for Tomorrow® Investment campaign includes approx. $300 million through 2022 in infrastructure improvements to enhance reliability, resiliency and improved service quality. (6)
  • Developed an operations plan to harden critical assets and further identify and mitigate risks related to climate change (9)
  • Construction of our $72.0 million water treatment plant upgrade conversion to ozone for primary disinfection treatment will help ensure compliance with increasingly stringent regulations and address constituents of emerging concern and added reliability of service. (6,9)
  • Achieved Honorable Recognition for Excellence and Innovation by U.S. EPA Aquarius Program for replacing an aged and unreliable community water system in DE with new infrastructure and connecting the system with surrounding water districts (6,9)
  • Completed construction of 4.5 mile critical 42″ large water transmission main ensures critical backup water supply and resiliency (9,11)
  • Replaced over 70,000 linear feet of aging water main in New Jersey since 2018. Middlesex Water is in its 25th year of its RENEW Program in New Jersey under which the Company replaces water mains, service lines, valves and hydrants in all the towns it serves to enhance water quality, improve fire flows and minimize service disruptions (6,9,11)
  • Completed design plans for groundwater treatment at our largest wellfield in New Jersey in anticipation of stricter water quality standards. (3, 6)
  • Collaborate with local governments, stakeholder groups and other utilities in planning major infrastructure enhancement projects. (11)
  • Invested $5 million in raw water pump station improvements feeding our largest water treatment plant to improve the resiliency of our power supply and mitigate the impact of events associated with climate related risks (11)