Domestic Service Line Installation: New Service Off Existing Water Main

Step #1 Apply with Online Application

To apply, you will need to know:

  • Desired Meter/Service Size
  • Service Address/Mailing Address
  • Lot & Block of property to be served
  • Site Plan showing the existing/proposed structures and the proposed service line

When the customer applies for a service, a Customer Service Representative will review the details of the service line including meter and account set up. See Metering Standards for information on the metering of your service.

Step #2 MWC Processes the Service Application

MWC will review the application for compliance with MWC standards and contact the Customer if there are any issues with the application that were not available at the time of application.

Step #3 Customer installs the private portion of the Service Line

The customer is responsible for installing the service line from the structure to the edge of the public right of way. This piping MUST be installed PRIOR to MWC tapping the main and connecting to customer piping. The customer should notify MWC that their piping is installed and ready for connection.

Step #4 MWC Taps the Main and Connects to the Customer Line

After the customer has installed their portion of the service line and contacted MWC that their piping is ready, MWC will verify the customer side installation and schedule the work to tap the main, install the meter, and connect to the customer’s service line.

NOTE: Depending on backlog, this can take 2 to 8 weeks to schedule after confirmation the customer side of the service is ready. The busiest times for service installation is early spring and late fall.

  • The customer does not have a suitable site plan depicting the work
  • There is no water main at the property (A main extension must be done, see Main Extension Procedures)
  • The customer tries to “predict” when their service piping will be installed and notifies MWC of that date. If a customer notifies MWC their service is ready and it is found to be not ready, that application is put behind other pending applications.
  • Roadway Moratoriums – Newly Paved Roadway and Winter Moratoriums
  • There is an “unusual” circumstance with the tap that may require a customer deposit (these are generally identified at the time of application)
  • Tapping of a concrete main
  • State Highway permitting
  • Railroads