The Board of Directors maintains overall oversight of the Company’s business strategy while the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee oversees matters related to ESG and overall sustainability including Enterprise Risk Management. We seek to mitigate risks related to environmental impact and climate variability, workforce safety, cybersecurity, and work to actively promote diversity, equity and inclusion. Management discusses all matters or risks, including ESG challenges and incremental progress toward sustainability regularly with the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee.

Governance ( 2023 Highlights)

Board Composition and Responsibilities

  • We continue to review committee accountabilities on the board level to ensure board competency in overseeing enterprise risks including those related to climate change, cybersecurity and human capital.
  • We seek directors who understand the company strategy and key risks, who are committed to representing the interests of shareholders, who combine a broad spectrum of experience and who have a diverse skill set and a reputation for collaboration, leadership and integrity.
  • Except for our CEO, all directors are independent, including our Lead Director. Board committees are 100% independent.
    Board committee and director performance evaluations are conducted annually.

Policies and Best Practices

  • We earned honors at the 16th Annual Corporate Governance Awards, sponsored by Coporate Secretary. The Company won the category of Best Compliance and Ethics Program.
  • All employees are required to annually review, sign and attest to a Code of Conduct and Insider Trading Policy.
  • Stock ownership requirements are in place for Board members and executive management.
  • Board members receive ongoing director education.
  • We believe transparency and strong disclosure are fundamental to good governance practices.
  • We mail and post to our website quarterly company updates to registered shareholders.
  • We continued to uphold our strong company values (RIGHT) which stands for Respect, Integrity, Growth, Honesty and Teamwork.
  • We regularly remind our employees do to the right thing, even when no one is watching. In 2022, the Company recognized 32 employees in its Do Right Spotlight which celebrates employees who have been nominated by their peers for living the company values.
  • Company Statements on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, our Human Rights Policy and Whistleblower Hotline can be readily found on our website.